What to wear

We’ve put together a few handy hints and tips on what to wear for your portrait session. We understand you are on holiday, and don’t have your full wardrobe to choose from, however, these guidelines will ensure you love sharing your photos with family and friends for years to come.

Ensure you are wearing comfortable and flattering clothing. We often get you climbing in trees, laying down on hammocks, and sitting on the grass! For ladies and girls wearing dresses or skirts, please ensure the hemline is not too short, and you can freely move about in your outfit.

Ideally, your outfits should coordinate but not be matchy-matchy. Wearing clothing of similar tones and colours that work well together will ensure the focus of the photos is on your faces, rather than the clothing. Soft, natural and neutral colours, as well as pastels, work well against the stunning turquoise waters and tropical palm trees. If one person is wearing a patterned outfit, everyone else should be in plain colours.

For the majority of your photos you will be barefoot, so please wear flip-flops or other shoes that are quick and easy to slip on and off. Whilst we are walking from one location to the next, you can quickly slip your shoes back on.

For ladies and girls who have long hair, you are more than welcome to wear it down for the photoshoot, but please bear in mind it is often breezy on the tropical islands, so we suggest you bring a hair-tie or hairclip to help keep your hair from blowing over your face.

Additionally, for a more flattering silhouette, ladies are encouraged to wear clothing that is fitted (but not too tight) underneath the bustline and around the upper waist. If you wear floaty, loose fitting clothing and the breeze catches the dress/ top, it tends not to be very flattering!

If you have young children who normally take a nap in the morning or afternoon, please ensure your portrait is booked at least one hour before or one hour after their normal nap time. Tired children are not normally smiley, happy children!